Lachine Rowing: 150 years of history – The book


The Lachine Rowing Club, the oldest in Canada, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013.

Concerned by the fact that only a few archives were available and that a lot of heritage from the club was going to be forgotten – Richard Cabana, vice-president of the club at that time, took on the project of creating a history of the club to coincide with its 150 years’ celebration. Richard gathered the existing information and conducted interviews with the few, rare alumni rowers that could be reached. The end result was published in a book, which immortalizes the club’s past and the past and talks about the evolution of rowing in Canada.

This book tells the story of all the major milestones at the Lachine Rowing Club from 1863 through today, including all the events that marked and influenced rowing in Canada.

You can purchase the book at the Club or by visiting this link


Click here to purchase the book Aviron Lachine Rowing: 1863-2013, A History