History of our club

The Lachine Rowing club was originally founded in 1863 by a group of British, Scottish and Canadian engineers who were employed at building railway bridges along the Lachine Canal’s water way. Since its inception as one of the oldest rowing clubs in North America, the Lachine Rowing club has had a proud history of hosting regattas, including a famous race with the Paris crew of St. John New Brunswick in 1868. Lachine’s own Lachine Canal challenge race is the modern day evolution of an annual race which first took place in 1879. Waning interest in the sport of rowing forced the club to close its doors in 1961. With over 124 years of history, the Lachine Rowing club was at the founding of the Royal Canadian Henley, the Eastern Rowing Association and its regattas and its alumni even participated as consultants during the construction and launch of the Olympic basin for the Montreal 1976 games.

The newly re-vitalized Aviron Lachine Rowing club had its first genesis in 1997, when Mr. Daniel Lariviere re-opened the club as the “Lachine-Dorval Rowing Club”.  In 2000, Normand Bergeron, Charles Hauss, James Malebranche and Christopher Oberderfinger took over the club charter as a non-profit rowing club. Their first order of business was to re-establish the club in Lachine. Today the club has an active day camp for young rowers, a burgeoning collegiate athlete program and a vibrant Masters membership.