Rules and regulations


1. All rules and regulations of Rowing Canada ( and Lachine Rowing Club must be adhered to at all times. If a member does not adhere to the rules and regulations, their membership may be revoked after a formal notice from the Rowing executive. They will have no further access to equipment, the club or its facilities.

2. All rowers are required to:

  • Be fully proficient in swimming
  • Carry one Life Jacket per rowing crew, including the coxswain and at least one whistle per rowing shell

3. Each member shall sign the logbook when arriving and leaving the Rowing Club. The following information should be included in their log entry

  • Their full name and the members crewing their shell if more than one
  • The time they are leaving the dock
  • The direction they will be rowing ( Dorval, South Marina, or North Marina)
  • The rowing shell you are using
  • The time of your return
  • Meteorological conditions (rowing conditions)
  • Any possible issues / damage with the rowing shell

4. The following equipment checks should be performed before and after rowing in a shell:

  • The seats and foot plates
  • The oarlocks and rigging, including the screws and bolts
  • The shell and hull, including the hull plugs
  • Condition of the oars (Alignment, handle adjustments)

5. During the club’s open hours, rowers will be assisted by the club employees in taking out or bringing back their boat into the boathouse.

6. After each rowing session, the rowers should wash their rowing shell, including the seat rails and wheels.

7. All members must pay their membership fees in full before having access to the rowing fleet.

  • Prior to obtaining a membership card, new members must successfully complete and pass their initiation courses.
  • Their membership card should be available at the club to indicate they are a member in good standing and we will also use to show who’s on the water.

8. Every member is responsible for taking good care of the club and its equipment, including maintenance and storage.

9. Members must demonstrate respect for the equipment and to their fellow rowers.

10. The boats designated for the use of particular crews or individuals will be assigned according to their rowing competence as determined by a qualified club coach.4

11. Rowing crews are responsible for the equipment they use. Any rower who causes damage to equipment within the club may be required to pay for the repair.

12. Members are not permitted to borrow, rent or take outside of the Club premises any equipment without prior authorization from the Lachine Rowing Club Executive Committee.

13. Rowing practice on the water is allowed during the day only from half-an-hour before sunrise to no later than half-an-hour after sunset

14. Members are expected to familiarize themselves with the map of our rowing boundaries. The area of Lake St-Louis which is available to rowers is delimited by the Canal locks on the Eastern side of the rowing plan and by the end of Dorval Island on the westernmost part of our rowing plan. It is strictly forbidden to row South of Rene Levesque Island due to inclement currents.

Rowers are expected to stay at least 25 feet away from the shoreline to prevent boat damage.

Additionally, in the event of strong winds or high waves, rowing will either be postponed or limited to the two bays (marinas) with excursions going no further west than 32nd avenue.

15. The Club base manager or coaches reserve the right to cancel rowing on a given day if meteorological conditions are not favorable. Weather conditions such as strong winds, electrical storms, excessive rain or unfavourable wind directions may cause rowing to be postponed or cancelled.

16. A Motor boat must be present on the water during all training periods. Crews who want to train without the presence of a Motor boat must have authorization from the coaching staff and respect Coastguard regulations such as carrying a life jacket onboard and having at least one whistle per crew.

17. Participation to any rowing event and the choice of equipment must be reviewed and approved by the Lachine Rowing Club coaches before the events. The competition fees and related travel expenses will be determined by the rowing Executive committee and participating members will be required to pay their allotted share.

18. All competing crew members shall assist in preparing for a race, including but not limited to derigging and rigging the boats, the loading and unloading of the boats on the trailer(s) and returning equipment to its proper club berth in a timely fashion.

19. Membership of the Lachine Rowing club is a prestigious privilege. Each Member is expected to represent the Lachine Rowing Club with dignity and pride when competing or participating in sports events.

20. Any festivities or parties taking place on the club premises should be approved by the executive committee prior to their taking place.

21. Alcohol beverages are not permitted on the Club premises without authorization of the Lachine Rowing Executive Committee

22. The Lachine Rowing Club is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote, develop and practice rowing for its community youths and masters. Due to its limited staffing members are encouraged to personally contribute to the Club’s success through assistance in the maintenance of the club and its equipment, the overall premises or improvements in organization.