I File a Complaint

If you have any complaints with respect to harassment at the club, you can file a complaint using the link below.

I File a Complaint

This is an anti harassment policy made for any sportive organization in the province. It is made to protect anyone in the community who requires a safe space to report any form of abuse to a third party.

Your complaint will be redirected to a complaint officer. The Complaint Officer’s role is to receive complaints concerning abuse, harassment, negligence or violence under the integrity policy. The Complaint Officer ensures the complainant is offered support and rules on the receivability of the complaint.

It is important to file a complaint as soon as there are reasonable grounds to believe that abuse, harassment, negligence or violence has occurred in a sport environment. Avoid judging situation to determine if it’s worth filing a complaint.

Anyone involved in a sport environment, directly or indirectly, who is experiencing or has witnessed abuse, harassment, negligence or violence (e.g., parents, athletes, volunteers, coaches, administrators, referees, etc.) can file a complaint.