Progressive Opening – June 6th


We will gradually open the club Saturday morning at 8:30 am.

There will be some rules to follow. The first is to be an official member of the Club. Fill out the form, send it to us online and make a bank transfer (recreational, 375$ sent to, answer “aviron”). It is important not to have a paper/cheque or money exchange.

Eventually, we will operate by reservation. For the opening, it will be first come first served while respecting the protocol.

No member will have access to the building, must wear a mask when arriving at the Club and not be more than 2 members in the Club compound. All exits will be solo or more if leaving at the same adress.

1) Wash hands on arrival;
2) Verification of registration;
3) Adjustment of the boat without tools;
4) Transport of the boat to the dock in a single group;
5) Departure at 15 minutes, exit of 90 minutes, including obligatory cleaning of the boat, including exterior, interior, shoes, swimmers and oars.

If you have symptoms of Covod-19, don’t come! An employee will ask you about it.

Each member must have his whistle, his bottle filled and a rag (towel).

You must keep all your belongings with you. There will be no room for deposits.

If you have any questions, write to us.
Thank you!

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